Other Committee Representatives



Pat Foley

Pat is Vice Chair of Geashill Tidy Towns. Geashill are the only village in Offaly currently with Architectural Conservation Area status. Pat has always had an interest in the built and natural heritage, as part of his role in Tidy Towns he liases regularly with the County Heritage Officer and County Architect to ensure that any works done to the community are inkeeping with our natural heritage. He also has a strong interest in the natural heritage and was instrumental is having an ecological report and survey done for the village.




John Cusack

John is a community activist with 35 years experience in Laois/Offaly supporting local groups as a volunteer on the ground or as a committee member. John cares about our community and feels his skills and ability to gather and present the views and opinions of the community will allow him to bring relevant issues to the fore at the Midlands Regional Drug & Alcohol Taskforce.


Local Link Representative

Linda Dowling

I have served as a secretariat member for the past five years and was part of the process from the onset. I am interested in remaining on the secretariat to further its role. I am the PPN representative on the Laois Offaly Local Link Committee. I also represent Offaly PPN Secretariat at National Level on the Secretariat National Network.