PPN Co-ordinator


The role of the PPN Worker includes the following:


  • Support the Secretariat to develop the annual workplan to meet the PPN objectives and County Plenary priorities
  • Planning and organising PPN events including online consultations, public meetings, workshops, surveys
  • Develop and manage a PPN database on the Salesforce software package as an active and accurate register of member groups, ensuring compliance with data protection legislation
  • Manage the day to day workings of the PPN, including administration, financial accounts and expenses payments


Co-ordination and Facilitation

  • Facilitate the involvement of all sectoral interests in the PPN, by establishing and supporting linkage groups to enable information sharing and progressing of items to the PPN.
  • Co-ordinate the nomination and election process for representatives on to Boards and Committees including liaison with the bodies requesting PPN representation
  • Support elected PPN representatives in their work, and in particular facilitating effective feedback between them and their linkage group and the wider PPN community to ensure the full diversity of views being reflected
  • Co-ordinate and prepare submissions from the PPN to public consultations as directed, supporting member groups to participate in relevant consultations and planning processes impacting on them
  • Identify and deliver training for member groups and PPN representatives to ensure the PPN structures work effectively

Networking and Communications

  • Promote the PPN and its work to member groups and the wider community and stakeholders
  • Network and collaborate with the Local Authority and other statutory bodies to develop the PPN as one of a number of key consultative bodies on all community related projects and increase the information sharing with the PPN