Saint Vincent de Paul

Obviously no more than the rest of the country SVP are challenged by the current Covid-19 crisis. We will continue to support people to the best of our ability who request our help during this period.
Those seeking to contact the SVP are asked to use its telephone or online facilities as we will not be operating any call-in facilities.
As we have a duty of care to our volunteers and members with underlying health issues or with immediate family with such issues, they have been advised to take extra precautions and not to attend meetings/visit clients.
Depending on the situation with local Conferences, home and emergency accommodation visitations may be curtailed but alternative arrangements will be made to provide support as much as possible. 
We continue to support people in our Social Housing and Homeless Services, whilst information on our Resource centres services is available locally. We are also liaising closely with the DEASP to ensure those in receipt of Social protection are not impacted.
The situation is evolving and will be reviewed on a daily basis.

Phone: 057 9322072 / 087-3131 844