Mon, 18th May, 2020

Closing date for nominations 27th May

In Light of the upcoming PPN elections, the following information may assist you in engaging in the process.

PPN groups can Nominate a Representative as an individual group or can join with other groups to decide on Nominations for Vacant PPN Representative posts.

It is important that decisions on Nominations are made by the whole group. We are conscious that this is made more difficult by Covid 19 as groups cannot meet to discuss nominations, however, it is important that groups make every effort to make a democratic decision on Nominations & similarly when it comes to Voting on the Nominations.

It is very important to acknowledge the great work that groups continue to do throughout the year in a voluntary capacity and also in these current challenging times. Keep up the great work

Thank you to all PPN groups for your participation in the Election process. It is your network, your nominations and votes are an essential in this process.

Important information regarding the PPN elections can be found HERE.