Municipal Plenary Meeting - Birr

Date: 4th April 2018 at 6:00 pm
Location: Civic Offices, Birr

It is important that one member of each group attends the PPN MD meeting on behalf of their group.

The Focus of the evening is:

1. Funding Applications

  • How to complete the application forms?
  • When: The deadlines
  • Where: Local /National/ International opportunities
  • What else do I need?

2. Do you wish to avail of the following training?

  • A. Governance training
  • B. Data protection
  • C. Email set up/ Social media training
  • D. Other training

3. Establishing groups that are representative of specific issue

Examples could include

  • Community dev: Clubs, Community groups, Safety & Security
  • Social Inclusion: Youth, Disability, Substance abuse
  • Environmental: Rivers, Flora & Fauna, Organic Growers.

These groups are essential so as to inform policy in the county.

Currently there are a number of PPN reps who sit on different County Council committees representing the PPN, however they do not have your voices to bring information/issues to & from these tables.

As PPN members it is important that you use the Public Participation Network

  • To get your view points across, 
  • To be part of the decision making process,
  • To have a say when Consultations occur 
  • To devise policy
  • To direct policy

Nomination forms will be available on the night and/or can be posted to groups on request.